Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Journey With a Purpose!!!

Alliance Nepal is an initiative set up by an enthusiastic team of locals within the Pokhara area.The main objective of alliance Nepal is to be a catalyst towards social change through enhancing educational opportunities, health care, environmental awareness and cultural exchange.
Through alliance Nepal we offer a number of volunteer programs which include teaching at a local school, raising awareness on issues such as the environment, sanitation & health care. We believe in providing volunteers with the opportunity to experience and learn about Nepali culture first hand through language classes and home stays.
We Offer,
  • -Teaching English and various subjects at schools,
  • -Teaching Buddhist monks and study about Buddhism
  • -Work with orphans
  • -Home stay and cultural exchange
  • -Photography and Journalism
  • -Environmental awareness
Besides volunteer placement, We offer various adventure program to explore the beauty of Nepal like Trekking, Rafting, Climbing, Elephant safari, Mountain flight, Bungee jumping, Paragliding and more
Feel free to contact us anytime in case you have any questions or concerns.


  1. I just returned after a month in Pokhara where I volunteered for 2 weeks in a Buddhist Monastery and then 2 weeks in an orphanage.

    I have previously volunteered in 9 different locations around the world, and have used 4 different organizations for my placements, both large and small. Alliance Nepal, and particularly its director Krishna was/is the absolute perfect choice for anyone considering volunteering in Nepal and the Pokhara area in particular.

    First, all the logistics worked perfectly. Was met at the airport in Kathmandu, a hotel room had been arranged the first nite and getting me to Pokhara went smoothly. But it was when I got to Pokhara that Krishna shined… and showed why I was so glad I chose Alliance Nepal. It is because Krishna is personally involved in the entire placement, it is not delegated to another person. Krishna also is the easiest fellow to speak with and is committed to making sure the volunteer has the best experience possible…. He is just a top shelf person, totally trustworthy, honest and has made this his passion and life’s work.

    Like I said, I’ve been volunteering for years and know what I look for in a placement. He placed me in a Buddhist monastery where 3 other organizations I contacted couldn’t for January when I was going to be there.(I taught English to the monks). Home run! Then the next 2 weeks I wanted to be at an orphanage as I have done so 5-6 times previously. I must say, it was the best run orphanage I have worked with and the kids were incredible.

    Perhaps I just got lucky with my two placements… but I don’t think it was luck. Krishna just knows Pokhara and the placements and NGO’s available there… he was great! Also, he had me over to his home twice to share daal bhaat meal with him and his family, set up paragliding and sightseeing stuff for me to see….

    Anyway, for anyone who wishes to read my online travel journals and the one about Pokhara, go to . Feel free to also email me at and I’ll be glad to try to answer any questions you may have.

    Anyway, Krishna and Alliance Nepal are excellent and I don’t believe you can do better if you are looking to volunteer in Nepal. Thank you Krishna

  2. If you are considering spending time in Nepal and want to get involved with a volunteer program then I would strongly advise you to use volunteers alliance Nepal, I spent 5months living and volunteering with this organisation and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!

    I think what initially attracted me to using Alliance Nepal was the flexibility which it allowed. I knew I wanted to spread my time exploring the country whilst volunteering on different projects. Krishna immediately was so warm, welcoming and fantastic at allowing me to be flexible with the time I had.

    The early days of arriving and getting used to being in such a different country and culture were all eased by the support of Krishna and his team. I was able to spend some time learning a little of the language before I moved in with a Nepali family.

    I spent the first 3months of my trip living with Krishna’s family in a village about an hour north of Pokhara. I think being able to live as part of a Nepalese family was a huge bonus in being able to fully understand what ‘real Nepali’ life is like. Although slightly overwhelmed at first, I felt extremely welcomed into the home and absolutely loved my time there. I learnt so much in those first three months and my language was certainly tested as Ama had very little English! I never thought I would actually wake up and look forward to a plate full of rice and curry but I grew to love eating Dahl Bhatt.

    Whilst living in the village, I spent my days teaching English in the local school. This was a real eye opener into the world of Education in Nepal and very different to what I was used to in England, however I found the pupils and staff very warm and welcoming and have fond memories of discussions over Nepalese politics with the staff!

    As previously mentioned I’d wanted to spend some time exploring more of the country and decided to do the Annapurna circuit trek which took around 2 weeks to complete. This was such an amazing experience and it was wonderful to be immersed in the awesome Hilmalaya seeing some of the most breathtaking sites. Krishna helped me organise the trek and I linked up with a couple of other volunteers who wanted to do the same trek. Being able to share your experiences with other volunteers in invaluable and will create memories that you will never forget.

    For the final month that I was in Nepal, Krishna organized for me to spend time in an orphan home. There were only 5 children at the home, which meant that you could really get to know them individually and build great relationships. Some of my favorite memories from this time are going out onto the lake and swimming with the kids and taking them to make batiks. The children are wonderful and have such open hearts which makes it difficult when you have to say goodbye.Overall I had the most amazing 5months in such a beautiful country and was extremely touched by the loving nature of all the Nepalese people. I gained treasured family and friends, who I hope to see again and again in the future. The support from Krishna throughout the time I was out there was just amazing and the projects he run are so invaluable to the communities out there.

    Mel Cassidy

    Email: (UK) 2011

  3. Namaste! The volunteering programme in Nepal is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me! I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to visit their schools, orphanages, disabled centres and getting to know more about Nepali lifestyle while staying in their village. It was a truly wonderful experience that is hard to express in words. A big thank you to Alliance Nepal for always being there whenever any assistant is needed! I will definitely hope to go back to Nepal again someday!! Thank you for making all the arrangements and making this experience so memorable!

    If anyone is interested to do volunteering in Nepal or find out more about Nepal, feel free to contact me at . I'll be more than happy to share with you my wonderful experience!!! =)


  4. Volunteering in Nepal was a once in lifetime experience and I would 100% recommend this to my friends and family. I feel as though I was given a chance to experience both the cultural, traditional and tourist lifestyle when I visited.
    From teaching in a school, to helping in an orphanage I felt that I got the true feeling of living in Nepal.
    I felt that everything was organised in a great way and I was able to gain full potential of my time here.
    I especially found trekking one of the highlights of my trip as this was the first time that I have done anything along these lines and despite at times where I wanted to give up, I felt that the people I was with gave me the push I needed to make it to Annapurna base camp.
    People in Nepal are amazing and it is so interesting to see just how creative these children are and how they appreciate the smaller things in life. It was a real eye opener and I feel I learnt a lot and it has contributed to the way I see things now that I am back home.
    I do miss the times I shared with everyone I met in Nepal but I appreciate all the memories that I have made and that I can pass on to my friends and family when I talk about my trip to Nepal.
    Hope everyone gets the chance to experience the amazing opportunities I have had in Nepal.
    Thank you and I wish you all the best and hope you carry on doing the good work that you have been doing!!!
    Harpreet xx

  5. It’s a joy for me to be able to work as a volunteer in Nepal. The experience I have gained will always be remembered and cherish.

    Firstly, I have no reservation in recommending Alliance nepal to family and friends. The staff is friendly and efficient. They are trustworthy and reliable. Every 2 or 3 days one of the staff from Alliance Neapl would come and visit or call to check on me and another volunteer, David from Germany. In short, this is what I called “Personalised Service” which I received from Alliance Nepal.
    It was wonderful that Alliance Nepal had arranged for me to stay with a very nice host family. Throughout my stay with my host family, I was able to observe their local cultures and traditions as well as I enjoyed eating Nepal’s national food, daal-baaht.

    I was placed to do my volunteer service at “Annapurna Child Home” with 22 children. My first impression of “Child Home” was shocking. I regret to say it has very poor facilities yet it has given me a better insight and a valid reason that I could do something to help the local volunteers and children there.

    David and I were honour to be their first batch of foreign volunteers at “Child Home”. To be honest, although both of us are inexperienced in volunteering and caring the children, we did our best to teach and play with the children. I should mention here that communication with the children is a HUGE problem as most of them are young and do not know how to speak English. Nevertheless, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

    One of our biggest project or achievement in “Home” was to brighten up the gloomy girls’ and boys’ room. We had a wonderful time in painting some cute cartoons in each room, including the kitchen. The end result was beyond words to describe. We also discovered some kids are talented in drawing and crafting. I truly hope these kids will be given an opportunity to explore whatever talent they have been blessed into a skill which will come in handy when they grow up.

    Although I’m back in Singapore now, I never stopped thinking of the children and people I met in Nepal. May all sentient beings in this world are blessed with loving, kindness and compassion.

    Email :